Launching Ramps

Twanoh, Union and Potlatch Ramps.  The boat launch ramps along Hood Canal are affected by the tide.  Be prepared and know your tides! 

Twanoh, Union and Potlatch Ramps On Hood Canal

If you are planning on using one of the boat ramps on Hood Canal, do yourself a favor and check the tides first. Go online or pick up a tidebook for the Seattle area.   Hood Canal tides are within a few minutes of the Seattle schedule, so no need to do all the calculations.  Most of the launches will be inaccessible during low tide…especially minus tides.  To have a stress free launch experience give yourself 2 hours on either side of the minus low tides.  Most of the launches need a plus 5 tide for a safe launch.   Feel free to email the marina for additional information.

Please note as of March 1, 2020 the Potlatch boat ramp was closed and remains closed.  There has not been an announcement as to when or if the ramp will be open to the public in the future.